With representation in Dublin, New York and Sydney, Rubicon Infrastructure Advisors is a full-service investment firm that provides investment banking services within the infrastructure sector.  The firm’s team comprises industry experts with extensive experience and who have advised or structured over €200 billion worth of infrastructure transactions across multiple sectors and jurisdictions.

Divestment & Exit Strategies

Rubicon provides advice on divestments and other exit strategies. The firm is able to provide advice on the divestment of infrastructure assets through trade sale, special investment vehicles, IPO or private placement.

Rubicon can assist infrastructure sponsors in creating shareholder value through maximizing the value of their equity investment. Rubicon can advise on proactive strategies to divest infrastructure or energy assets and creative solutions to address any pre-emption issues; whether this is to raise capital to fund new growth opportunities, balance sheet management or natural life cycle exit strategies. By taking advantage of our employees' diverse skills and backgrounds and our keen understanding of the markets, Rubicon can offer in-depth and objective analysis.